Care worker examination [the 30th] past problem problem 1

Problem 1
Choose one of the following descriptions of the Independent Living Movement developed in the United States since the late 1960s.
1 Insist on respecting self-determination by the disabled person’s own choice.
2 Independent living of disabled people is supposed to be realized in facilities and hospitals.
3 We aim to design a system for the realization of “from cradle to graveyard”.
4 It is considered “independent” that disabled persons intend to recover their function.
5 We regard caregivers as the main actors of life.

It is a so-called historical issue. You will sometimes be asked about history and movements that improve the human rights and position of people with disabilities.

The history of disabled people
Restricted → released
Life in facilities and hospitals → life in the community
Independence of function and ability → independence of all life

2 (useless because it is limited to facilities and hospitals)
4 (useless because it is limited to functional recovery)
5 (Of course, it’s not good if you are not the person)
Is x.

The remaining ones are 1 and 3, so you can get the correct answer with a 50% probability.

Please think that this is a good problem even if you can not get it right. If you answer correctly, you are lucky.

Answer 1